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Thank you for your interest in bringing Basic Bars Soap into your
establishment, we are truly honored.

We currently have the ability to conduct wholesale business in over 180 countries.

Basic Bars Soap LLC offers wholesale buying options through these to wholesaling platforms.

Message us below if you are new to Hello Abound for a $100 Basic Bars Soap merchandise credit and Free Shipping for a year

Receive $200 off your first  order plus free shipping.  Click here.

Tundra is the best wholesale option for those companies outside the USA that want to wholesale with Basic Bars Soap LLC.  Tundra also wholesales in all 50 states.  Click here for new retailer offer.

If you are a local retailer to Basic Bars Soap or wish to contact us about wholesale opportunities please fill out our contact form below.

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Thank you for your interest in retailing Basic Bars Soap


We'll reach out to you shortly!! 

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