from a dream to reality...       


The compassionate founders of Basic Bars Soaps LLC believe that something as small as a bar of soap can be a life changing and meaningful way to bring peace, love and joy to the world, in a time when we very much need it. Dorrie and Adam passionately founded their company based on a conversation about dreams and goals that led to a similar vision of owning a soap shop in Hawaii. Dorrie gifted Adam with a soap making class to see what kind of beautiful soaps they could make together. Dorrie was personally invested in finding ingredients which would help heal her sensitized hands, which had been suffering from using chemicals as a hairdresser. Working with a naturopath, Dorrie was able to discover that SLS (or sodium laurel sulfate) was a major irritant for her sensitized skin and realized it was an inexpensive ingredient that was commonly used in the majority of home products- from your bar soaps, to your toothpaste! Simple, pure, organic, ethical— these were the standards they employed to make soap that truly cleaned, didn’t dry out the skin- and was a joy to use! Making soap is like making brownies, as Dorrie likes to say- and you have to make a “batch”. The chemistry and ingredients were fascinating to Dorrie and Adam, and they began playing with saponified oils and healing ingredients to tend to Dorrie’s skin concerns. This new-found passion project left Dorrie and Adam with more soap than the pair could personally use so they started to bless their friends by gifting soaps to them. 

Dorrie’s long-time career as a hairdresser allowed her to infuse creativity and compassion for clients in her chair, and Basic Bars Soaps has amplified her reach to be creative and bring love and joy to so many more friends- known and not-yet-known, at a much greater reach! 

Passion, love, commitment and care have directed the path for Basic Bars Soaps to create something simpler and more pure, without fragrance (one of the worst things to see on any ingredient label), colorant, or harsh chemicals. 

Soaps were the catalyst for Basic Bars Soaps but you can also find gorgeous organic essential oils, room sprays, and organic laundry kits on the website! With a love this big for healthy skin, Dorrie has plans to expand the line to include more exciting products, be sure to sign up for their email list to stay in the know!!

As an eco friendly and organic driven company, their values direct their path, and you’ll agree when you try Basic Bars Soaps.