from a dream to reality...       

     So we know you have a story, and there is a reason you are here checking us out.  


We would love to hear your story on why you buy hand-crafted soaps.  Was it because you love the beautiful scents?  Is it because you care about your health or the environment?  Tell us your story for a chance to win some bubbly products and a feature in our newsletter or website. 


     Want to know our story? 


     Our story begins a few years back when my husband and I first met.  We were both using hand-crafted soaps. My husband loved the feel and luxury of natural ingredients.  I however had to use handcrafted soaps.  As much as I love natural soap for all the same reasons my husband does, I had to make the switch after finding out I have an allergy to Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (the major sudsing agent in almost all detergents... its even in your toothpaste!).  I worked in a profession that had me in detergents a lot. My skin started to freak out! Once I made the switch to hand crafted soap my skin started slowly clearing up. I wasn't a mess anymore!!!


     One day we were day dreaming together, talking about our ideas for the future.  My husband says he wants to one day own a soap shop.  That kind of interested me, so I enrolled us in our first soap making class.  We've been batching soap ever since!!  

After years of creatively crafting for ourselves, friends and family we have decided now is the time to offer the world the soaps we have spent so much time tweaking and tailoring to keep our bodies, household and Mother Earth  healthy.




We are humbled to have this opportunity to bring our communities the best quality products for everyday life.  Basic Bars was born out of the love of simplicity.  We keep our bars basic.  No preservatives, toxins, or unnecessary fillers/chemicals.  Every ingredient in our bars is there for a reason... to nourish, protect, or help your skins ability to heal.  We are here to help you find the perfect bar for you and your family.  Never hesitate to reach out to us so we can help you find your perfect Basic Bar!

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