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Organic Cold Pressed Orange Oil (Citrus sinensis), is cold-pressed extracted from the peel of the orange. It is 100% pure and natural with a light fruity citrus scent. 

Organic Orange oil is considered a top note essential oil.  Orange oil is widely used in the cosmetic, aromatherapy and industrial industries. Orange oil is commonly used in lotions, soaps, skin creams, candles and cleaning products. Orange oil is believed by many to have age-defying  and moisturizing properties. Orange oil lis believed to have mood enhancing and calming properties, making it a very popular oil for aromatherapy. Orange oil is photo-toxic. Photo-toxic substances render the skin susceptible to damage (such as sunburn or blisters) upon exposure to the sun or other sources of light, especially ultra-violet light. Do not use in sun care products.


100% pure Organic Orange essential oil in a 1oz bottle with dropper. 


**Essential oils sold by Basic Bars Soap LLC are pure essential oils and are highly concentrated. They  should be handled with care. They not meant to diagnose or treat any disease or illness.  They are sold for use for diffusers, dryer balls, and household purposes, NOT for ingestion or undiluted direct skin contact.**

Organic Orange Essential Oil 1oz

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