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Our organic soap Nuts are actually an organic berry making them perfect for sensitive skin and safe for people with nut allergies.  Low to no sudsing but still just as powerful at cleaning your clothes


place 5 soap nuts in the small wash bag and simply pull the drawstrings tight, no need to tie a knot.  Toss in washer ans run for the entire cycle.  It is recommended to use with either warm or hot water.  Lasts approximately 10 loads.  When the berries are used up they will feel squishy and soften through the wash bag, there will be almost nothing left besides paper thin shells (shown in the picture above), simply replace!   If your wash bag ends up in the dryer, no problem, just toss them back in the next load of wash.


Kit includes:

1 Reusable Muslin sack that holds the organic soap nuts

1 Reuable muslin wash bag

1 Instruction card with all the above info

Soap Nuts

100 load Organic Soap Nut Laundry Kit

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