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Looking for a non toxic remedy for your laundry room?   We have the solution! Best yet we are going to save you $$$   Win Win!


This package includes:


A 100 load box of orgaic soap nuts~ A natural berry that is growns in Nepal. This berry has a natural form of saponin (soap).  These berries are very easy to use for your wash, are safe for nut allergy people (they are a berry not a nut). They cost way less that most commercial commical detergents therefor making them a great choice for almost every household!


Bamboo or Hemp Dryer Balls ~ (requests can be made for either fiber in the notes section a check out. Both fibers work the exact same way).  Dryer Balls not only do everything your dryer sheets do, but they will also save on energy costs.  Not to mention they last on average 1000 washes making them cheaper per load than almost any fabric softener sheet or liqiud you can find.   See dryer balls in our online shop for more info.


Essential Oil~ (1oz dropper bottle of any essenial oil that is priced at $20 or less.   Please send any requests for specific essenial oil in the notes section at check out). See essntial oils in our online shop for $20 and under options.


**** Add another $15 item(s) to this purchase to recieve free shipping on this item*****

Chemical Free Laundry pack





    We are humbled to have this opportunity to bring our communities the best quality products for everyday life.  Basic Bars was born out of the love of simplicity.  We keep our bars basic.  No preservatives, toxins, or unnecessary fillers/chemicals.  Every ingredient in our bars is there for a reason... to nourish, protect, or help your skins ability to heal.  We are here to help you find the perfect bar for you and your family.  Never hesitate to reach out to us so we can help you find your perfect Basic Bar!

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