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These have been selling like hot cakes!!!  *** Our new vegan dryer balls have been such a hit!!!  First round sold out in 2 weeks of launching! Second round  sold out again!!    


These all natural vegan 100% hemp fiber dryer balls help:

~Dry laundry faster, thus saving energy 

~reduce static

~Softens/de-wrinkle clothing with out toxic chemicals

~Allows for soft scenting to your laundry when essential oils are added to the dryer balls.

~Save you $$$ These Hemp dryer balls on average last 1 year or 1000 loads 


More you should know about your new dryer balls…


You can add essential oils to your dryer balls by dabbing a few drops on each one as often as needed.  Then just place and store your dryer balls in the dryer! 


If you ever find the need to wash them, just put them in a small laundry safe bag that keeps them snug, wash them on any temp or cycle with a load of laundry, then take them out of the bag and throw them back in the dryer.  This helps revive the static reducing benefits as well. 


We recommend using a minimum of 3 balls to get the best benefits. They last about one year, or 1000 washes!


Hemp Dryer Balls balls may take a couple loads to matte.  What does this mean?  This means that a small amount of the hemp fibers may shed the first couple of loads.  Most people do not even notice the small fiber shed.  If you have any concern about this we recommend running towels, bedding, and non grippy fabrics with our Hemp Dryer balls for the first 2-3 loads, staying away from knit leggings and dark fabrics.  After that the natural matte will keep from the fiber shedding.


100% Hemp Fiber Dryer Balls (Vegan) 3pk





    We are humbled to have this opportunity to bring our communities the best quality products for everyday life.  Basic Bars was born out of the love of simplicity.  We keep our bars basic.  No preservatives, toxins, or unnecessary fillers/chemicals.  Every ingredient in our bars is there for a reason... to nourish, protect, or help your skins ability to heal.  We are here to help you find the perfect bar for you and your family.  Never hesitate to reach out to us so we can help you find your perfect Basic Bar!

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